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One of the main reasons many people are unable to lose weight and keep it off is because they have difficulty controlling their appetites. If that sounds familiar to you, LAP-BAND® surgery could be the answer you’ve been waiting for. At Northwest EndoSurgical in Cypress, Houston, Texas, board-certified surgeon and weight loss expert Dr. Matthew St. Laurent offers LAP-BAND surgery to qualified patients in the greater Houston area. To learn why LAP-BAND may be right for you, call or book your appointment online today.


What Is LAP-BAND surgery?

LAP-BAND surgery is a procedure in which a patented LAP-BAND device is placed around the stomach to create a smaller pouch for food to enter. This, in turn, makes you feel full sooner, so you eat less and begin losing weight.

What are the benefits of LAP-BAND?

The biggest benefit of the LAP-BAND procedure is that it’s minimally invasive and doesn’t require significant modifications of your stomach or intestines. As such, it can easily be reversed should you decide you no longer need your LAP-BAND. Other benefits include:

  • Allows for slow and steady weight loss over a period of time
  • Permits adjustments to be made during subsequent office visits
  • Requires a shorter hospital stay and recovery period
  • Results in fewer nutritional deficiencies than other types of bariatric surgeries
  • Does not cause dumping syndrome

Looking at before and after pictures of these LAP-BAND patients will give you an idea as to what your results might be after surgery.

LAP-BAND Surgery Before and After

It’s important to keep in mind that not everyone will experience similar results.

How is LAP-BAND surgery performed?



This procedure is performed under general anesthesia in a hospital setting. First, Dr. St. Laurent will make several small quarter- to half-inch incisions in your abdominal area. This allows him to insert a laparoscope, which is a tiny camera that will allow for more precise placement of the LAP-BAND.

The LAP-BAND will be wrapped in a circular fashion around the upper portion of your stomach to form a pouch. A small tube known as an access port is attached to the band and is left just underneath your skin.

The LAP-BAND won’t be inflated immediately, as your body will need to time to recover from surgery first. During your follow-up visits, Dr. St. Laurent may add saline to tighten the band, or, if necessary, remove saline to loosen it.



To read Dr. St. Laurent’s complete LAP-BAND surgical procedure guide, click here.

How should I prepare for LAP-BAND surgery?

Prior to your operation, you may need to do the following:

  • Seriously limit your intake of solid foods
  • Adhere to a liquid protein diet for up to 10 days ahead of time
  • Stop taking certain medications
  • Refrain from smoking

You should also arrange to take time off from work and have someone help you with ordinary household chores for the first few weeks after being released from the hospital.

What is recovery like after LAP-BAND surgery?

At first, your diet will be restricted to only liquids or soft foods, with solid foods being added back in gradually. You may have irregular bowel movements while you adjust to your band as well. There’s also an increased risk of dehydration, so you must make a conscious effort to drink plenty of water to prevent this from occurring.

How much does LAP-BAND surgery cost?

No one estimate is accurate for everyone, which is why Dr. St. Laurent waits until after the consultation to discuss cost, financing, and payment information.

Is LAP-BAND surgery right for me?

You may be a good candidate for LAP-BAND surgery if you have the following characteristics:

  • You’re more than 50 pounds overweight
  • You have a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or higher, along with certain obesity-related health conditions
  • You’re committed to changing your eating habits long term
  • You’re concerned about the lasting effects of non-reversible bariatric surgeries such as gastric sleeve

Why should I choose Dr. St. Laurent?

After your LAP-BAND procedure, you’ll need to continue seeing a bariatric surgeon for an extended period of time.

As such, trusting your care to Dr. St. Laurent makes perfect sense: Not only does he specialize in bariatric surgeries, but he’s also an expert in treating obesity-related disorders. His philosophy involves treating the total patient, and not just checking the progress of your surgery.

What should I expect during my consultation?

Dr. St. Laurent will obtain your complete health history and talk with you about your weight-loss goals. You can also view before and after photographs of real patients, and see an actual LAP-BAND for yourself.

Weight loss surgery doesn’t have to involve drastic changes internally. The LAP-BAND procedure is safe and effective and can even be reversed. If you’re in the Houston area and you’d like to learn more about how LAP-BAND surgery can benefit you, call 281-810-7895 or book your appointment online today.


*Individual results may vary