Life-Changing Weight Loss Surgery  From One of the Houston Area's Most Experienced Bariatric Surgeons

Welcome to Northwest EndoSurgical. If you are considering weight loss treatment, we invite you to take the first step towards a healthier, more confident, and more active life.

At Northwest Endosurgical in Houston, Texas, bariatric surgeon Matthew St. Laurent provides modern, safe, and effective surgical solutions for patients struggling with obesity. Dr. St. Laurent has performed thousands of bariatric procedures over the course of more than two decades, including gastric bypass surgery, gastric sleeve surgery, duodenal switch surgery, bariatric revision surgery, gastric balloons, and Lap-Band® surgery.

Our patient care goes beyond surgery. Northwest Endosurgical is committed to helping our patients achieve long-term success through our weight loss treatments. Our staff includes bariatric-trained dietitians and certified professional counselors. Our bilingual team members allow us to serve both English and Spanish-speaking Texans. We guide our patients through every step of their weight loss journey before, during, and after surgery. We take great pride in seeing them achieve an improved quality of life.

Laparoscopic Surgery ​Reduced Scarring and Recovery Time

Dr. St. Laurent performs all of his weight loss surgeries laparoscopically as opposed to traditional open surgery.

During laparoscopic surgery, the surgeon makes a few small incisions on the abdomen through which he inserts a laparoscope (a surgical camera) and small, extremely articulate surgical tools. The view provided by the camera allows Dr. St. Laurent to perform the surgery with minimal incisions and alteration of tissue.

Bariatric procedures like gastric bypass, gastric sleeve, bariatric revisions, and Lap-Band placement can all be completed using laparoscopic techniques.

Laparoscopic surgery has many benefits:

  • Reduces the chances of surgical complications
  • Produces less noticeable scarring
  • Decreases the time needed to recover from weight loss surgery
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What to Expect When You Visit Northwest Endosurgical

The Northwest Endo Surgical team

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If you are struggling with obesity and dieting and exercise have not helped you achieve weight loss, it may be time to consider bariatric surgery. Weight loss surgeries like gastric bypass and gastric sleeve have the potential to produce significant results in less than a year. This safe yet rapid weight loss allows patients to lead more active lives and reduces the likelihood of developing or exacerbating serious medical conditions.

Dr. St. Laurent and his team are always ready to receive new patients. To meet with our doctor and determine which bariatric procedure is right for you, schedule a consultation at our Houston office today by booking online.

Rave Reviews "They may have helped save my life."


Joby Joseph

Houston, TX


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The team at Northwest Endosurgical is amazing. A summarization of their practice could be, "We Care, and We'll Help You Get There". They are very good at what they do. Dr. St. Laurent made me very confident and comfortable during and after the procedure. The dieticians are excellent. They are very patient and supportive. The team stands out by providing accountability and care, without shaming. The entire staff works in sync with you and the rest of the team. What else is there to write; they may have helped save my life.

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Scott Milliren

Houston, TX


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I found Dr. St. Laurent and his team to be thorough, knowledgeable and professional regarding the entire weight loss, surgical journey. The care after surgery is comprehensive and lasts for a year. There are 2 dietitians on staff the offer unique, fact-based advice. I found that to be the differentiating factor in my decision to trust my medical care with NW Endo. I highly recommend, and have already referred my wife and close friend.

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Meet Dr. St. Laurent One of America’s Top Surgeons

Dr. Matthew St. Laurent is a board-certified general surgeon who has been specializing in bariatric surgery for more than two decades. At Northwest Endosurgical near Houston, he provides the most advanced bariatric surgical procedures to patients who need to start a new chapter of health in their lives.

A native of Houston, Dr. St. Laurent received his education and surgical training at some of our great state's finest educational institutions, including the Texas A&M University College of Medicine, the University of Texas Health Service Center in San Antonio, and the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas.

Dr. St. Laurent is a proud veteran of the United States Air Force, in which he served as a surgeon for a total of four years. During his last two years, he held the position of Chief of Surgical Services for the 5th Medical Operations Group.

Dr. St. Laurent is well-respected in the bariatric surgery community, so much so that he has trained multiple surgeons in the vertical sleeve gastrectomy procedure for Covidien Corporation, a global leader in gastrointestinal surgical solutions.

Recently, Dr. St. Laurent was named one of America’s Top Surgeons (Bariatric Surgery 2009 – 2019, Consumers Research Council of America). He has also been named a “Top Doctor” by “Who’s Who Among American Professionals.”

Dr. St. Laurent
Dr. St. Laurent

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Changing Lives Through Safe and Effective Surgery

before and after weight loss surgery
Significant weight loss thanks to gastric bypass.
before and after weight loss surgery
Dramatic weight loss from a gastric sleeve.
Many people in the greater Houston area have come to Northwest Endosurgical to overcome obesity and improve the way they feel. Weight loss surgery is safe and effective, and the results can be dramatic. These are just two patient success stories we've been privileged to be a part of. If you're interested in weight loss surgery, our team can answer any questions you may have.

Incredible Patient Stories

Read testimonials from patients who are able to lead healthier, more fulfilling lives after bariatric surgery.

Experience Excellence

Financing Options for Bariatric Surgery

If your insurance doesn't cover weight loss surgery, Northwest Endosurgical will work with you and your budget. Financing can make paying for bariatric surgery much more manageable.
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Dr. St. Laurent always focuses on patient safety, surgical affordability, and lasting results. If you live in the Houston area and would like to learn more about bariatric surgery, schedule a consultation online or reach us by phone.

"I cannot say enough positive things."


Cammie Parish

Houston, TX


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I am 8 weeks post gastric sleeve. I feel good and I am very pleased with all of the care and guidance I receive from Dr. St. Laurent. I cannot say enough positive things about the dieticians and the quality of the aftercare at this practice. I can call any number of people including Dr. St. Laurent and gets answers and guidance anytime, which is important with such a life changing procedure. The entire team has been a pleasure to work with.

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Dianna Thompson

Houston, TX


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Dr St. Laurent is a true scholar. During my initial appointment I felt as though I was taking a medical class in his office! He thoroughly explained every step of the procedure for me and helped me choose which gastric surgery was best for me. I could not ask for better care. He is truly a gifted surgeon who holds every one of his patients as his top priority. His office staff and nurses exceed expectations and are ready to help in any way. I recommend, without reservation, to anyone in need of gastric surgery to meet with Dr St Laurent.

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An Effective Solution That Can Change Your Life

before and after weight loss surgery
Converted a Lap-Band into a gastric sleeve.
before and after weight loss surgery
Slimmed down thanks to sleeve gastrectomy.
Whether you're taking your first step in a weight loss journey or revising a previous bariatric procedure so you can go that extra mile, Dr. St. Laurent can help. Countless people in the Houston area have come to Northwest Endosurgical and experienced the benefits of bariatric surgery. If you're curious about any procedures, we encourage you to reach out to us for more information.

Our Most Popular Procedures

Gastric Bypass

Gastric bypass surgery is a bariatric procedure in which the stomach is divided into two separate pouches: an upper pouch and a lower pouch. The small intestine is then connected to the upper pouch. Gastric bypass contributes to better appetite control, healthy weight loss over time, and an improvement in various obesity-related health conditions.

Learn More About Gastric Bypass

Gastric Sleeve

Gastric sleeve surgery, also known as sleeve gastrectomy, is a bariatric procedure that involves removing about 75-80 percent of the stomach. This removal results in a new stomach pouch that is about the size and shape of a small banana. Gastric sleeve surgery results in effective appetite suppression and can improve many health conditions associated with obesity.

Learn More About Gastric Sleeve


Also known as gastric banding, Lap-Band is a medical device that restricts the stomach, making it smaller. Treatment with the Lap-Band has the major advantage of being adjustable over time, allowing for steady and healthy weight loss. This bariatric surgery requires a shorter hospital stay and recovery period than other weight loss procedures. Lap-Band is also reversible.

Learn More About Lap-Band

Gastric Balloon

The gastric balloon procedure is a nonsurgical and completely reversible weight loss technique that is simple and effective. A safe silicone balloon is inserted into the stomach and filled with a saline solution. The inflated balloon takes up a significant amount of space in the stomach, making the patient feel full sooner. This restricts the number of calories consumed during the day.

Learn More about Gastric Balloon

Revision Weight Loss Surgery

If you've undergone weight loss surgery but are dissatisfied with the results or have experienced complications, Dr. St. Laurent can perform a revision of your prior bariatric procedure. Revision surgery may also be appropriate for patients who experienced weight loss after an initial bariatric procedure but the rate of weight loss has decreased or they have regained weight over time.

Learn More About Revision Surgery

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Dr. St. Laurent and his weight loss surgery team are committed to providing the greater Houston area with advanced bariatric care. Our team has years of training in the weight loss and medical fields, which has earned Northwest Endosurgical a reputation for excellence when performing gastric bypass, gastric sleeve, and Lap-Band surgery.

At our practice, your treatment doesn't end when bariatric surgery is completed. Our bariatric-trained dietitians will offer insight into long-term weight management strategies. Northwest Endosurgical also has certified professional counselors on staff who can help with other aspects of life after bariatric surgery.

If you live near Houston and would like to speak with a board-certified surgeon, contact Northwest Endosurgical online or call:

(281) 921-1890

"By far the best decision I have ever made."


Johaymar Andujar Moczulski

Houston, TX


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Dr. Laurent seemed genuinely interested in my health and spent a significant amount of time to explain my diagnosis thoroughly, along with providing several remediating options with varying associated costs and benefits (pros/cons). His recommended solutions were focused on mitigating my condition, rather than just treating my symptoms, unlike most GI doctors tend to do. I was very impressed by his wealth of knowledge and the fact that I never felt rushed during my Q&A. In addition, my appointment was on-time and the front office staff were very professional and amiable. I totally recommend Dr. St. Laurent for the most comprehensive, efficient, and positive patient experience!

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Matias Dominguez

Houston, TX


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After meeting the Dr I was already convinced I found my surgeon! The staff is amazing also and always answer the phone when I call. Yesterday I got to meet one of their RDs and she was amazing as well. I am currently jumping all the hoops my insurance has provided for me. I will update everyone once I have my surgery. Update: 5 days post op/ feeling great everything that was explained to me is happening. I can’t say enough good things about this Doctor, his confidence made my surgery stress free. If you are looking for the best this is it folks good luck to everyone! Update: 6 months post op. Feeling great lost over 100lbs so far. This is by far the best decision I have ever made. I wish everyone the best on their weight loss endeavors!

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Patient Wellness Before, During, and After Surgery

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Northwest Endosurgical looks after each patient's health during all phases of bariatric treatment. Before, during, and after surgery, our team considers ways of minimizing risks to enhance the long-term benefits of weight loss. This dedication sets us apart from many other bariatric surgery centers serving the greater Houston area.

Post-Bariatric Body Contouring

woman's silhouette

Reducing excess body weight has a positive impact on wellness and helps address diabetes, hypertension, and other obesity-related health conditions. However, the dramatic loss of weight often results in wrinkles, loose skin, stretch marks, and other cosmetic imperfections. Many patients ask about treatments for these issues after they've lost their excess weight and achieved their health goals.

Thanks to the Icon™ Laser and the Evoke and Evolve systems, we can smooth away fine lines, stretch marks, and other common aesthetic flaws following a bariatric procedure. There is no surgery or downtime involved, and patients won't have to worry about scarring from these state-of-the-art laser and thermal technology treatments.

Post-bariatric body contouring may be just what you need to complete your life-changing transformation. During a consultation, we can discuss this option and determine if it's right for you.

"Dr. St. Laurent and his entire staff is great."


Jackie Nation

Houston, TX


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Dr. St. Laurent and his entire staff is great. They care about their patients. They listen and are very responsive to requests and questions. Highly recommend!

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Lisa Villarreal

Houston, TX


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Dr. St. Laurent and his staff are an amazing group of individuals, he explained everything in detail, took very good care of me even the nurses in the hospital were amazing. he is a great doctor !!!!

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Dr. Matthew St. Laurent

Northwest Endosurgical

At Northwest Endosurgical in Houston, Texas, Dr. Matthew St. Laurent helps patients achieve dramatic weight loss and improved health through bariatric surgery. Dr. St. Laurent is one of the most experienced bariatric surgeons in greater Houston, and he is affiliated with several professional organizations, including:

  • The American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery
  • The American College of Surgeons
  • The Society of American Gastrointestinal Endoscopic Surgeons
  • The Obesity Action Coalition
  • The American Medical Association
  • The Texas Medical Association
  • The International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity and Metabolic Disorders (IFSO)

To schedule a consultation, book online or give us a call at (281) 921-1890.

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