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Bariatric Surgery Revisions Specialist

Northwest EndoSurgical

Matthew St. Laurent, MD

Bariatric Surgeon located in Cypress, Houston, TX

Unsatisfactory results from bariatric surgery are not necessarily the fault of patient or doctor, as a wide variety of factors can cause them. That’s why, in some cases, more than one bariatric procedure may be needed to achieve the desired result. Additional surgeries may be required to address unexpected complications, too. At Northwest EndoSurgical in Cypress, Houston, Texas, board-certified surgeon Dr. Matthew St. Laurent provides bariatric surgery revisions for patients in and around the greater Houston area. To learn more, call or book your appointment online today.

Bariatric Surgery Revisions Q & A

What are bariatric surgery revisions?

Bariatric surgery revisions mean that you require a second procedure to resolve an issue such as weight regain or a complication from a previous operation. Patients who stop experiencing results after an initial bariatric surgery may also require a second procedure to continue losing weight.

Several types of revision surgeries are available, a few of which include the following:

  • Gastric bypass revision
  • LAP-BAND® revision
  • Gastric sleeve revision
  • Vertical banded gastroplasty revision
  • Molina band revision

What are the benefits of bariatric revision surgery?

Although the individual benefits of bariatric revision surgery depend on the reason it’s recommended, some of the most common benefits include:

  • Reversing weight regain
  • Remedy complications that arise from a previous surgery
  • Providing a fresh start to weight loss for those who’ve reached a plateau following a previous surgery

These before and after photographs show bariatric patients who opted for a revision for one reason or another.

Bariatric Surgery Before and After

Your results may be different based on the reason for your revision and the type of procedure you have.

How are bariatric revisions performed?

The exact procedure will depend on the type of revision Dr. St. Laurent recommends. A few of the different procedures he might perform include:

  • Removing a LAP-BAND
  • Using an endoscope, or flexible tube with a camera on the end, to help reduce an enlarged pouch after gastric bypass surgery
  • Performing a “re-sleeve” to reduce a stretched stomach after gastric sleeve surgery
  • Converting to gastric bypass or duodenal switch surgery from gastric sleeve

How should I prepare for bariatric revision surgery?

Before undergoing a follow-up procedure, you’ll undergo an upper endoscopy to evaluate your previous surgical anatomy. Afterward, Dr. St. Laurent will discuss any issues you have so he can recommend the best course of action.

He’ll also discuss your lifestyle and eating habits to determine if modifications could be made that would eliminate the need for a second operation.

Should he decide that a follow-up procedure is in order, he’ll give you pre-operative instructions to follow. These may include:

  • Modifying your diet
  • Quitting smoking
  • Eliminating certain medications

What is recovery like after bariatric revision surgery?

Some patients may require a slightly longer hospital stay than they experienced after their initial procedure due to the more complicated nature of these secondary procedures.

Even so, most people are able to return home in only a few days, provided they’re able to tolerate their postoperative diet and walk short distances.

After revision surgery, you may need to have help getting around your home or performing household chores. You can gradually increase your activity level until you’re performing normally, which typically takes around six to eight weeks.

How much does bariatric revision surgery cost?

Several factors affect the cost of revision surgery, including the number and type of complications you’re trying to correct, as well as the exact procedure you’re having. Your cost can be more accurately predicted once you’ve had a comprehensive consultation with Dr. St. Laurent.

Insurance companies require more stringent documentation before they’ll agree to pay for revision surgery. The team at Northwest EndoSurgical works hard to ensure the right paperwork is submitted so you can obtain the benefits to which you’re entitled.

After determining how much your insurance company will pay, we’ll then work out a personalized financial plan to help you better manage the additional costs. Financing is also an option.

Am I a good candidate for bariatric revision surgery?

Bariatric revision surgery could be just what you need if you have the following conditions:

  • You’ve been unable to lose a significant amount of weight after a previous surgery
  • You’ve experienced a substantial amount of weight gain after a previous surgery
  • Your stomach has stretched
  • You have other complications from bariatric surgery that cannot be remedied with medication, diet, or lifestyle changes

Why should I choose Dr. St. Laurent?

With more than two decades of experience as a bariatric surgeon, Dr. St. Laurent is committed to treating the total patient. He focuses not only on procedures that help people lose weight, but in treating other obesity-related disorders as well.

He strives to develop lasting relationships with all his patients, so you can continue to receive exceptional care from him even after you’ve recovered from your procedure.

What should I expect during my consultation?

Dr. St. Laurent will find out as much as possible about your previous operation to determine what might have gone wrong. You will also:

  • Undergo a complete medical examination
  • Be asked about any medications you’re taking
  • Have medical tests ordered if necessary

You may also be asked to keep a food diary for two weeks, and then bring it in for review. This will help Dr. St. Laurent determine whether changes in your diet might be the best way to address your problem.

After a consultation with Dr. St. Laurent, you’ll have a better understanding of whether revision surgery is right for you. Call us to find out more, or book your appointment online today.

*Individual results may vary