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Bariatric Surgery Before and After Pictures in Houston, TX


Patients in The Woodlands and Cypress who are considering any form of bariatric surgery naturally want to know what kind of results they can expect afterward. The before and after gallery of board certified Houston general surgeon Dr. Matthew St. Laurent highlights some of his most successful patients but is not a guarantee of individual results.

Browse through these photographs of actual bariatric surgery patients to get a better idea as to what results you might expect from different procedures. Keep in mind that your individual results may vary based on your commitment to a healthy diet and exercise program, genetics, and other factors.

Patients in The Woodlands and Houston-area who need to lose a significant amount of weight can often benefit from having bariatric surgery, as these before and after photographs clearly show. To find out what results might be possible, contact Dr. Matthew St. Laurent in Cypress at 281-810-7895.

Bariatric Surgery 

Procedure: Laparoscopic Sleeve

Surgery Date: 9/30/14

Starting Weight: 290

Current Weight: 166

Procedure: Laparoscopic Sleeve

Date: 11/16/2010

Procedure: Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass

Date: 03/07/2013

Procedure: Laparoscopic Sleeve

Date: 06/12/2012

Procedure: Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass

Date: 11/14/2013

Procedure: Lap Sleeve

Date: 04/03/2012

Procedure: Lap band removal and covert lap sleeve

Date: 11/14/2013


Procedure: LapRoux en Y gastric bypass

Date: 11/25/2014

Procedure: Gastric Sleeve

Date: 10/21/14



Date: 6/15/17

Procedure: Bypass reversal and conversion to loop duodenal switch

90 lbs lost! She set a goal to complete 12 5K marathons this past year and did it.


*Individual results may vary

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