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Hormone Replacement Therapy in League City, Texas


Dr. Matthew St. Laurent of Northwest EndoSurgical can assist residents of League City, TX, who are experiencing hormone reductions by offering them hormone replacement therapy.

What is Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Hormone levels in people tend to fall as they grow older. Although this is typical, it can cause a wide array of uncomfortable symptoms ranging from brittle bones to insomnia and beyond. The objective of hormone replacement therapy is to ease symptoms of reduced hormone production by providing either estrogen or testosterone.

Benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormone replacement therapy can help people by heightening their energy levels, strengthening their abilities to focus, making their bones healthier and stronger, and even lifting their moods. People who feel unhappy and depressed as a result of a drop in hormonal levels often feel better after they get hormone replacement therapy. Hormone replacement therapy also allows people to go to the doctor less frequently.

How is Hormone Replacement Therapy Performed?

For hormone replacement therapy, doctors make a small cut on your skin for purposes of the placement of bio-identical hormone implants that are similar to pellets in size. Once they insert the pellets in the appropriate spot, they’ll use a bandage to shut them in. After these implants are in their appropriate locations, they dissolve entirely in a span of between three and six months. Patients can receive new implants after their older ones have dissolved.

Before your doctor performs hormone replacement therapy on you, he or she will conduct a basic blood test that will figure out your amounts of the hormones (testosterone or estrogen). This is important for selecting suitable pellets. If you’re male, your doctor may assess your levels the morning of your treatment. If you’re female, on the other hand, your doctor may request to assess your levels approximately a week beforehand.

About Northwest EndoSurgical & Dr. Matthew St. Laurent

Dr. Matthew St. Laurent is a specialist in hormone replacement therapy. He also specializes in bariatric procedures that aim to help people who are obese, lose weight. If you live in League City, TX and would like the benefits of hormone replacement therapy, call Northwest Endosurgical immediately schedule a free consultation and determine if the treatment is indeed a smart choice for you. Dr. St. Laurent is a seasoned professional who is involved with reputable organizations, including the Society of American Gastrointestinal Endoscopic Surgeons and the American Medical Association.


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