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Hormone Replacement Therapy in Cypress, TX


Men and women usually have a low production of basic hormones when they age. The reduction of hormone production can lead to conditions such as sleep difficulty and osteoporosis. Hormone replacement therapy is the appropriate solution. For correcting hormone irregularities, people residing in Cypress, TX should contact the renowned and board-certified surgeon Dr. Matthew St. Laurent at Northwest Endosurgical.

What is Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Hormone replacement therapy is medication that consists of female hormones used to replace the hormones that the body cannot make after a woman has reached menopause. Hormone therapy is used to treat hot flashes and other symptoms of menopause.

Benefits of Hormone Therapy

The benefits of hormone therapy depend on whether you are taking systemic therapy or low-dose vaginal medication.

  • Systemic hormone therapy is mainly used to relieve menopausal night sweats and hot flashes. Systemic estrogen is also used to relieve other menopausal symptoms such as itching, dryness, burning and discomfort during intercourse. Estrogen is also recommended for osteoporosis, a bone-thinning
  • Low-dose vaginal medication is treatment in the form of a tablet or cream and is mainly used to treat vaginal disturbances and urinary conditions. This treatment is not used for night sweats, hot flashes or osteoporosis.

How is Hormone Therapy Performed?

Hormone therapy for patients in Cypress, TX is administered as estrogen combined with progesterone (a synthetic hormone). Long-term use of estrogen without progesterone increases one’s risk of getting uterine cancer. Progesterone is used to counteract the risk of using estrogen. Therefore, estrogen treatment without the use of progesterone is only used women who have undergone hysterectomy, or removal of the uterus.

Estrogen is provided in tablets, pills, creams, patches, sprays or vaginal preparations. The kind of estrogen preparation administered depends on the symptoms of the patient. For example, vaginal tablets, rings, and creams are recommended for vaginal dryness. Pills and patches are used for relieving hot flashes. Progestin is available in pills, patches, and creams, as well.

A doctor will prescribe a treatment schedule for hormone therapy depending on the patient’s situation. The standard forms of hormone therapy used are:

  • Oral therapy: Also known as pill daily continuous therapy, these are small doses of estrogen and progesterone taken on a daily basis.
  • Transdermal therapy: This treatment involves skin patches that are worn daily. These patches are changed at least once a week and are effective in relieving hot flashes.
  • Vaginal tablets and creams: This treatment is issued nightly for a period of two weeks and later reduced to two times a week.

About Dr. Matthew St. Laurent

Dr. Matthew St. Laurent is among the most renowned laparoscopic specialists in Houston. With more than 5,000 laparoscopic procedures to his name, Dr. St. Laurent has devoted his career to bariatric medicine. He is currently serving as a bariatric medical director for North Cypress Medical Center.


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