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Northwest EndoSurgical

Advanced Laparoscopic Weight Loss Surgery 

Your new life begins here.

At Northwest EndoSurgical in Cypress, we are bariatric surgery specialists, yet we are so much more. Our staff is genuinely dedicated to helping you make long-lasting life changes. From advanced minimally invasive surgery techniques to realistic after-care programs, we help our patients walk an enduring path of healthy weight management – a road to life anew.

Our Leader, Your Doctor

Northwest EndoSurgical is led by Dr. Matthew St. Laurent, one of Houston’s most experienced weight-loss surgeons. Dr. St. Laurent has performed more than 5,000 advanced laparoscopic procedures and over 3,500 bariatric procedures.

Northwest EndoSurgical opened its doors to bariatric and general surgical patients in 1998. From our office in the professional building of North Cypress Medical Center, we strive to provide the finest surgical care in a supportive, relaxing, patient-focused atmosphere. Our staff includes bariatric trained dietitians along with a board-certified internist/pulmonologist and certified professional counselors allowing us to offer our patients a comprehensive program that truly helps them change their lives and obtain optimal long-term success.

We care for our patients through referrals from other physicians’ offices as well as self-referrals. No matter what type of weight loss procedure you desire, we can care for your medical needs and provide you with a better and healthier life. Learn more about the different surgical procedures that we offer. Consultations are available at our office for both pre-op and post-op patients.

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