Bariatric Surgery Reviews and Testimonials in Houston, TX


W. Perrin


As you are aware, I just celebrated my 1 year anniversary after having the ReShape procedure performed on February 22nd of 2018. In the one year, my weight has gone from 286 pounds to 199.5, as of last Friday. I am definitely a different person, not only in weight but in my approach to food, exercise, and life. 

I could not have done this without the initial procedure, for which I thank Dr. St. Laurent. It was on a week-end television program, that I first learned of Dr. St. Laurent and the ReShape procedure. With your counsel, detailed explanations with marker and white board, plus establishment of realistic expectations, the foundation was laid for my individual procedure and subsequent weight loss journey. 

The journey was only possible due to the assistance of Christina Marcucci. She was the "constant force" through this year long process and always accessible by phone or email or in-person, as needed. Her knowledge of nutrition and exercise and most importantly her knowledge of the "human spirit", coupled with the right level of compassion and accountability, was the road map for my being successful. I am so thankful for Christina's guidance and support during the past year, as this attainment would not have been possible if not for her. 

During my recent visit to your office (February 22, 2019) for my annual milestone check-up, I saw a totally different person from what I see in the photo of one year prior, both physically and mentally. Dur to both of your efforts, my life is active and I feel good about myself and my overall health. I am also confident that because of the two of you, I have the opportunity to add additional years to my life expectancy. 

Again, I most sincerely thank you for making a long term positive difference in my life. I look forward to seeing you both on a periodic basis as my life long "weight maintenance" journey begins.


Sharon Z.

I am a different person than I was 20 months ago, inside and out.  

Richard C.

My health is great now - no sleep apnea, gout, or diabetes and my blood pressure is perfect

Sandy C.

This surgery has changed my life and brought me so many blessings, I would do it over again, no question. 

Rita E.

My closet is full of clothes of every color of the rainbow. I don't have to worry about if the color will make me look too big. 

Carl J.

I can now make it to the top of the stairs faster than some of the younger police officers, AND breathing normally. 

Amy M.

I am proud of my accomplishment and that I addressed the problem before it got even worse. 

Rosa F.

When I made the decision to have LAP-BAND surgery, I never expected so many changes to happen. 

Amanda S.

It goes without saying what my life was like 120 punds heavier. I had no life. 

Cathy K.

For the first time in my life, I know I will never put my weight back on and I do not feel like I am on a diet. 


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