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BMI Calculator


The Body Mass Index calculator is one method used to determine obesity. Board certified Houston-area general surgeon Dr. Matthew St. Laurent uses this and other tools to help patients clearly set their ideal weight reduction goals.

A person’s Body Mass Index, or BMI, is a number that is calculated based on his or her weight and height. Calculating a patient’s BMI is the primary tool used by Dr. St. Laurent to identify weight problems, along with other tools to determine further details of your specific build and the best weight loss solutions for your body type.

The Body Mass Index does not indicate body fat composition but is a simple range for both men and women to identify individuals as underweight, average/healthy weight, overweight or obese. A BMI number indicates if a person is within the average body weight range for his or her sex and height, or outside of it- and this is why bodybuilders and people with a lot of muscle mass who are unusually heavy in relation to their heights will have a high BMI even though they are not overweight due to unhealthy body fat percentage. However, barring these exceptions, a person’s BMI is generally a good indicator of body type. This calculation alone should not be used for children and teenagers under the age of 20, since their bodies are still developing.

Within the range of the Body Mass Index, a BMI number between 18.5 and 25 is considered to be a healthy height-to-weight ratio, while a number from 25 to 30 indicates an individual is overweight for his or her height. Anyone with a BMI number above 30 is considered to be at an obese weight. It is important to remember that the BMI calculation is only a preliminary test- to discover if a person’s extra weight presents a risk to his or her health, further diagnostic testing is required.

Plug your height and weight into the calculator below to find out if your basic BMI number is in the underweight, normal/healthy weight, overweight, or obese category.

Powered by BMI Calculator

If you want to compare your weight status to others, BMI is a great method of analysis.


BMIClassificationHealth Risk
Under 18.5UnderweightMinimal
18.5 – 24.9Normal WeightMinimal
25 – 29.9OverweightIncreased
30 – 34.9ObeseHigh
35 – 39.9Severely ObeseVery High
40 and overMorbidly ObeseExtremely High

Should this BMI calculator show you are obese, contact Dr. Matthew St. Laurent at his Houston clinic. He can provide you with practical advice to help manage your obesity and can be contacted at 281-810-7895.


*Individual results may vary

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