Weight Loss Plateau

What are weight loss plateaus and are they normal after bariatric surgery?

Why has my weight loss stopped? Am I doing something wrong or has the surgery simply not worked for me? These are just a few of the questions we address regularly regarding slow or no weight loss after bariatric surgery. At some point all weight loss attempts, even surgical, will include a period of slow or no weight loss (plateaus). It is simply part of the journey and no one is immune to the inevitable stall.
You see, the body is an amazing machine that effortlessly adapts to changes in order to maintain a balance we call homeostasis. Diets very low in calories initiate numerous hormonal changes that slow your metabolic rate in order to reach this homeostasis. It begins with your Pre-Op diet, where we slash calorie intake by more than half and continues throughout the Post-Op period, where most patients tell us they struggle to eat enough. Plateaus, although frustrating, happen to everyone at some point despite the relentless compliance to do everything right.

Why does this happen?

It is simple… Survival! Think about this for a moment. If your body did not have this system in place to protect you during times of starvation what would occur? There would be no goal weight, no stopping point and no checks and balances. Weight loss would continue until there was nothing left… not even you. But thankfully, we aren’t stopping here.

What can you do to combat this very real bump in the road after weight loss surgery?

Change something!!! Do not give your body time to adapt. If you have been eating a certain way and your weight has stalled, do something different. Change your frequency, change what you eat, change your balance of carbs, proteins and fats or change your exercise. Do something new!

The surgery has not failed you, you have not failed you. It is simple, your body has outsmarted your personal weight loss goals and has found a way to maintain your weight with your current intake and exercise. Yes, this is normal but are you ready to throw in the towel or do something different? What do you have to lose?

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