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Portion Control Without Mind Control: The Orbera Intragastric Balloon Makes Dieting Easier

Cutting back on how much you eat is an important part of weight loss. But if you’ve been trying unsuccessfully to lose weight by dieting, you know how challenging it can be to reduce your portion sizes. No matter how determined you are and how hard you try to summon your willpower, cutting back on food isn’t easy.

For many people who want to lose excess pounds, having an intragastric balloon can lead to weight-loss success. Here at Northwest EndoSurgical in Houston, Texas, board-certified surgeon Dr. Matthew St. Laurent uses the OrberaⓇ nonsurgical intragastric balloon system. The Orbera system provides many of the benefits of weight-loss surgery without an operation.

Dr. St. Laurent would like to share some information about this exciting weight-loss treatment with you.

What is an intragastric balloon?

An intragastric balloon is just what its name implies: a balloon-like device that takes up space in your stomach. It aids in weight loss by helping you feel full so you eat less. It also slows down digestion and the emptying of food from your stomach after you eat.

Benefits of the Orbera system

Dr. St. Laurent uses the Orbera balloon system because it’s an effective, safe, convenient way to lose weight. It has received approval by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).


The Orbera system has been shown to lead to 3.1 times more weight loss than diet and exercise alone. Patients who receive an Orbera balloon experience 48% more weight loss than people who receive other types of FDA-approved gastric balloons.

Although having an Orbera balloon does facilitate weight loss, after insertion you must follow a diet and exercise plan in order to achieve your goals. At Northwest EndoSurgical, Dr. St. Laurent and our staff dietitians educate and support you as you adopt healthier lifestyle choices.


The Orbera balloon is a soft, silicone balloon. It is inserted into your stomach during an endoscopy, which is a nonsurgical procedure. After insertion, it’s filled with sterilized saline solution until it is about the size of a grapefruit. Because you don’t need surgery or incisions, you recuperate faster and have a lower risk of complications than after surgery.

Doctors have been using the Orbera balloon system for 20 years with over 300,000 balloons used worldwide.

An intragastric balloon can be used on its own, or as a preliminary procedure to enable weight loss in preparation for bariatric surgery. It must be removed after six months. 


Having intragastric balloon implantation is one of the fastest bariatric procedures available. It doesn’t require an overnight stay in the hospital. In fact, Dr. St. Laurent can insert it in about 20 minutes.

After your procedure, you must limit activity for only about three days. In a week, most patients can resume all their activities, even strenuous exercise.

Find out more about Orbera

If your attempts to lose weight and control portions through willpower alone aren’t working, let us help. To schedule a consultation with Dr. St. Laurent, call our office or book an appointment online today.

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